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Jakob Hegewisch-Allen


Hi, I'm Jakob.
I make movies. Let's make something together.




For The Badge

Video Editor

Mar. 2022-

  • Edit fan interviews into engaging content, maintaining the brand's tone and style

  • Create original social media videos to improve engagement

  • Review and organize raw footage, selecting the most compelling clips for editing team.


How the Light Gets In Festival

Camera Operator

May 2023

  • Set up and operated cameras and equipment for events, lectures, and performances, ensuring proper framing, focus, and exposure to capture high-quality footage

  • Planned optimal coverage for fellow cameramen to allow for seamless usage

  • Planned shot list and captured footage from around the festival to create a highlight reel for commercial use

  • Worked closely with production capture key moments and highlights

André XO album cover, aspiring budding musician, energetic vital music video

Can't Wait - André XO

2nd Camera Assistant

Nov. 2022

  • Coordinated with 1AC to prepare camera promptly

  • Unpacked and packed camera equipment 

  • Collaborated with DP and 1AC on camera movements, preparing for and streamlining new set-ups

Daybreak Health logo, minimalist energetic design

Daybreak Health

Assistant Video Editor

Aug. 2021 -Oct. 2022

  • Created video content for vital medical tutorials central to company goals

  • Created content for social media pages, vastly improving online output

  • Worked directly with patients, conducting medical screening and demographic surveys for 100s of patients daily

König der Raben film poster, german immigrant indie film movie

König der Raben

Production Assistant 

May - July 2019

  • Worked directly under Executive Producer, serving as on-set point of contact

  • Oversaw transportation, hiring and managing 6 production drivers, chartering busses for 200+ extras

  • Translated and distributed 8 versions of the script, maintaining original intent

  • Controlled set entry, brought talents through make-up

David Meltzer, inspiring CEO life-changing

David Meltzer

Video Editing Intern

Sept. - Dec. 2019

  • Edited and posted short-form social media content (30-120 sec) for @davidmeltzer and his 50k follower base

  • Created long-form (8-15 min) videos for his YouTube channel

  • Curated and edited audio content for his top-5 business podcast The Playbook

WTUL New Orleans Radio Station poster icon image, cool design

WTUL New Orleans

Radio Host and DJ

Sept. 2017 - May 2021

  • Hosted 2-hour weekly radio show to international base of 1000s of listeners

  • Curated playlists, adhering to station's musical vision

  • Taught apprentice DJs how to mix audio and curate playlists, screened them for competency and fit

H Street Country Club DC logo, grungey hip bar

H Street Country Club

Events Intern

Jan. 2016 - May 2017

  • Created and ran social media accounts with 1000s of followers

  • Began and assisted in redesigning of company website

  • Took 100s of photos of space, edited and uploaded them to website and socials

Skills + Services


126 Herkimer St

Brooklyn, NY 11216


(202) 730-6323



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